David Andrews is a Founder and Managing Partner-Transport of Hudson Structured Capital Management. He is the Chief Investment Officer of Hudson Structured Capital Management’s Transport strategy.

Mr. Andrews was most recently an Executive Vice President at PIMCO where he was the primary Credit Portfolio Manager covering Transportation for 10 years. Mr. Andrews also served as a member of PIMCO’s Shadow Investment Committee. He managed a multi-billion exposure through the bankruptcies of American, Delta, Northwest, US Air and United, GM and Chrysler. In addition, he assisted in restructuring the Enhanced Equipment Trust Certificate (EETC) product, which reopened the public debt market to US airlines following the financial crisis in 2009. Following this, he was instrumental in issuance of the first international EETC.

Prior to PIMCO, Mr. Andrews was an Institutional Investor ranked fixed income analyst at UBS Securities. Mr. Andrews also worked in commercial banking for 12 years at The Bank of New York. He graduated from Kenyon College with a BA in Anthropology and earned an MBA at night at Pace University’s Lublin School of Business.